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What are the eligibility dates for membership in The American Legion?

Thanks to the LEGION Act (Let Everyone Get Involved In Opportunities for National Service Act), Congress expanded the current eligibility period to cover Dec. 7, 1941, to the present, and includes the current war campaigns. Previously, there were seven declared war periods. Now there are two, the current war period dating back to World War II and another war era covering World War I. 

Other Membership Eligibility FAQs:

All current active duty military are eligible for membership.

Active duty service as a SPAR, WAC, WASP, OR WAVES during one of the qualifying periods qualifies a Veteran eligibility for membership.

National Guard/Reserve members in units activated under Title 10 orders during a qualifying time period qualifies a Veteran for membership.

The American Legion has considered service in the military academies as eligible for membership since WWI.

A U.S. citizen at the time of entry into service with Allied forces during one of the qualifying periods is qualified for membership.

Per National Constitution and By-laws, no form or class of membership is authorized except regular active or paid up for life. There are no honorary memberships.

Location of active duty service is not a consideration for membership.

Documentation of Service

Your DD214 is proof of your service in the military services of the United States. If you cannot find your DD214 you can go to to request another copy of your discharge papers. A copy of orders putting you on federal active duty can also be used as proof of eligibility,as can a valid active/retired military ID card.

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